How to Use Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension is more convenient and much easier to use. It automatically detects Facebook videos while you read/surf any Facebook web pages. It makes no difference whether you signed in to your Facebook account, or even you do not have a Facebook account at all. No more video URL hunting and copying is required as you do on using Facebook video download websites or apps.

Below is a step-by-step guide to save your videos from the Facebook Video Extension to your own device.

Step 1: Get the Facebook Video Downloader Extension Installed

Go to Facebook Video Downloader extension page on Google web store.

Paste Facebook video url

Click on the button: Add to Chrome, to install the extension to your Chrome browser. Once the installation is completed, the extension with a little blue logo will be pinned on the Chrome Extension bar.

Paste Facebook video url

If the extension is not pinned, click on the Chrome Extension button: , at the top right corner of the Extension bar to get a drop-down menu.

Paste Facebook video url

Go through the menu, find the Facebook Video Downloader with the little blue log and tap the pin button to put the extension on your Chrome Extension bar.

Step 2: Detect Facebook videos

When you are on Facebook, for instance, your newfeeds page, the extension icon would be attached with a small green square tag embedded a digit, which is the number of videos detected on the current page.

Paste Facebook video url

Tap the Extension icon, you will get a drop-down menu, on which there is a list of videos discovered. Review the list and select your favorite video.

Paste Facebook video url

If there is only one video found, your life could be easier. Click the button: Download Best, to grab the video with the best quality.

Paste Facebook video url

Step 3: Choose the Videos to download

Usually there is more than one files for the same video, each of them has different qualities or resolutions. You have several options in order to get one or more.

  • Click on the "Download Best" button to grab the video with the best quality, which, in general, has the largest size. It is recommended if the storage space is not issue for you.
  • Click on the Download All button to automatically get all of the video files within the list. This really saves your time, especially, there is no single manual action required during the entire download process, assuming that your Chrome is set to save downloaded files to the system default folder.
  • If you do not like either of the above, you need to manually scan the video list and make the selection by yourself.

Step 4: Download the videos

1.Click on the "Download Best" button as indicated in the Step 3, taking you to this site, where you get the video, just as what you normally do when downloading the video directly on this site.

Paste Facebook video url
  • Click the Download button to save your video to your device directly. Or
  • Click the Dropbox button to save your video to your account in Dropbox, or
  • Click the Scan QRCode button to grab the video via your smartphone.

2.Click the Download All button to grab all of the videos on the list.

3.Click on the button to copy the video storage address or URL. Send it to yourself or your friends via an messaging app such as WhatsApp, Skype or Talky, so that you could either share the URL with your friends or open the same messaging app on your mobile phone, and grab the video based on the URL received.

4.Click on the , a QR button to download your video on your mobile phone.

5.Click on the , a download button to save the video. The process is similar to the approach 1 above.

In summary, the Facebook Download Extension is probably the most convenient way to download Facebook videos. There is no video URL hunting or copying. With just one mouse click, you could grab a list of videos detected. We strongly encourage you to get this extension installed now.